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June 16, 2012

Hello from Chiangmai!  We’re currently sitting in our hotel rooms eating seaweed potato chips!  Day #1 we had a bit of a delay after boarding our first flight, but God is good and they held our next flight for us so we arrived in Bangkok around 11pm.  We made it to our beautiful hotel and went to sleep around 2 am (thai time).  The next morning we had a delicious Thai breakfast, group devotions with the NU team and then went back to the airport.  From there we had another delay but filled the time with lots of group bonding and eventually got to fly Thai Air, and made it into Chiangmai around 7pm Friday night.  We met up with Todd, Kelly, & Greg at the airport and they brought us to where we will be staying for the next 7 days, the Baan Kaew Guesthouse.  We then unpacked and went to Big C, a supermarket/mall in Chiangmai!

TODAY, we went Sing’s (pictured in the 2nd photo) church and ministered to her and the 21 children there.  Most of the children live in the surrounding village, but Sing runs a kind of day center for the children, as well as pastors the church, and has taken in couple children.  They sang and danced for us, and then we sang worship songs, told a Bible story, played games, and did crafts.  After this they served us a homemade lunch, pad thai (so good). After that a group went out and prayed for the town, passed out fliers, and talked to people.  A few of us (including myself) stayed back and played with the children for several hours.  After that we prayed for Sing, her ministry, and the church they are currently working on building.


So that’s what has been happening on the trip so far! Thailand is hot and smelly, but really beautiful! I’m so glad to be here and am excited for the next couple weeks and seeing what God does!



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