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Steadfast Love Church

June 18, 2012

Good morning! Yesterday, Sunday, our whole team went to church at Steadfast Love Church in Chiang Mai. The pastor, Kevin (we call him PK because ‘P’ means ‘brother’ or ‘sister’) started the church about a year ago and rents out a small space in the city. The congregation is very small and is pretty young–mostly under 30. We crammed into this space, sang together (the lyrics were in Thai and English), and shared testimonies from both our team and from the congregation. It was an incredible example of the WHOLE church! Despite the language difference–and all the wonderful, funny awkwardness that comes with that, we are all apart of ONE body, share the same ONE Spirit, and follow the same ONE Jesus. My favorite moment was singing the doxology at the end. We didn’t know it was coming, but we were able to all jump in. My ears kept switching between hearing Thai and hearing English. It was awesome.
Afterwards we shared a great lunch together. (Fresh lychee and rambutan are DELICIOUS). and headed to a public school for the poor. Kate, one the leaders at Steadfast Love, and some of the others lead an outreach ministry at the school. Every Sunday afternoon, they go and lead worship and games for about 50 kids. We got to join in with them yesterday. We had 4 stations with games and crafts. It was so much fun! The children had a lot of energy, ranging from 5-14. One of my favorite moments was playing with the boys; they are so mischievous and we had fun running around and goofing off. 🙂 This was another great moment of fellowshipping together. I love that language doesn’t have any limiting affect on the body of Christ!

We ended our long day with a trip to Sunday Walking Street: a once-a-week night market. It was great: a smorgasbord of sites, smells, sounds, people, colors… We went with our new friends from Steadfast Love (to help guide the ‘falongs’ [‘foreigner’ in Thai] through the organized chaos).

Keep Steadfast Love in your prayers; this church is doing a great work in this city!


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