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Well, the past …

June 29, 2012

Well, the past few days have been some of the hardest and best days of our trip! We are finally back in Chiang Mai where we will be until Monday when we start to travel home.  So here’s a bit of the promised recap about the past several days.  As we mentioned we traveled to Mae Ai in Northern Thailand near the Thaton River to visit Faith Village.  David and Paula and their 2 boys help run this childrens home/orphanage/village.  Their ministry started by rescuing Shan boy soldiers from Burma and providing a home and care for them.  Out of this ministry has grown a much larger mission that now has a school, dorms, farming, youth ministry, and the preservation of the Shan culture.  Faith Village is a beautiful piece of property right underneath the hills of Northern Thailand, so close to Burma you can almost see into it.  We were able to bless the village by fertilizing corn fields, providing some car and electrical maintenance, sharing songs and testimonies, and gifting the children with some care bags.  We also were able to love on the 30+ children by using all our different strengths and talents.  After playing soccer at Faith Village the first night, some of our team members were invited to join in and play a “friendly match” against the local high school team.  Our team had a rocky start but ended up pulling out with a tie 5-5 at the end.  The rest of the non-soccer players watched the game with the rest of the kids

.  This was a fun bonding experience where we taught them how to make bracelets, chased them around, and laughed a lot.  It was an amazing experience to interact with this small village and by the end of three days I think that we can all say we felt like family.

After saying goodbye to Faith village and the beautiful countryside of the North, the sad goodbyes continued as we said farewell to the Northwest team–literally singing to them as they walked through security; we were lucky to form some really amazing relationships with the girls from NU and are so grateful for the time and memories we were able to make with them.  The last two days have been pretty easy going with a visit to an International school that services missionary kids and then had a blast at some missionary friend’s property–riding horses, and living Alison’s dream by getting up close and personal in a cage with some monkeys…Oh and then Amanda experimented with what it would feel like to eat three mangoes fresh off the tree in less than 45 minutes… was a success…sweet and sticky! 

Today we visited Wat Doi Suthep: a famous temple overlooking Chiang Mai. It was an interesting experience to see Buddhism “in action”, if you will. For me (Amanda), looking over the city was the best part. It was good to pray over the city. Greater things have yet to be done here. I think we all had different reactions to our visit, but it has sparked some good conversation and our heart for this place. 🙂 Lastly, we went shopping at Big C for ingredients to prepare an American dinner for Lighthouse Children’s Home. We are excited to see the kids again and cook spicy spaghetti for them! (Everything in Thailand is a little/lot spicier!)

Until next time… 



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  1. Brenda Ewert permalink

    Glad to see you took the opportunity to learn about the Buddhist faith and what it means to its Thai followers.

  2. thailand2012 permalink

    Love it! Keeping you in my prayers. Have loads of fun and love on those kids on my behalf as well ❤

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