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[Almost] Last Day in Chiang Mai

July 1, 2012

Tomorrow night we begin the journey stateside. 😦
Thus, today was our last day of ministry…and it was a great way to close the trip!

We spent today with the Lighthouse Children’s Home (Terra and Teep + 11 kids). First we went to church with them (again, worshipping in Thai and English is awesome). [Ask us later about the church service; really neat set up of English and Thai.] Afterwards we grabbed some lunch at an food stall on the walk home before we headed up to their home in Mae Jo.

It was sort of rainy and really muggy out today, so we spent the afternoon playing games (chess/Uno/Jenga), doing puzzles, doing art, and playing Ping Pong. It was so great to see the kids again and just get to hang out with them. It’s been neat being able to develop relationships with them over the course of the trip; from the 3 work days during week 1 to Horizon Village resort/summer camp to today, we’ve been able to spend a lot of time building relationships with them. It was hard to say goodbye. :’)

One of the highlights of today was cooking a “Thai-style” American dinner for the kids! Chefs Alison and Abby cooked up a SPICY [and] pork spaghetti and Simmi, Marie, and Amanda tossed a delicious fruit salad! 🙂 The kids loved it! We even had them going for seconds: SUCCESS! After dinner Terra had the kids teach us a worship song in Thai… It was hilarious trying to watch some falongs sing in Thai. Hahaha! It was hard to say goodbye. We all just kept on saying “See you later!” and “God bless you!” I think it’s safe to say we all are coming home with more 5 more brothers and 6 more sisters. 🙂


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